Donuts and Gunpowder


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Vash's Revolver, folks

See this gun? To those of you who have the ablity to remember things, you've already noticed it's Vash's gun.
A revolver that takes .45 colt rounds and is about only a few inches off 10 yar. In the episode "Peace Maker" A gunsmith named Frank Marlin changed the cylinder to a non-fluted one, that's about the only change to it. Although Vash never really loves to intentionaly hurt someone with it, he says he will use it to "Promote equality and Peace throughout the universe". But I don't believe that is the only reason.
And where did this gun come from, you may ask? My theory is it was Knives' at first. That's why he carries it.
But just what WILL Vash the Stampede do with this gun?

To those of you collecters, I have a good piece of information for you. Hai, it's true, someone did have the ingenious idea of creating replicas of Vash's revolver.The workshop's name of Vash's gun is "Dai-Nippon-Giken". It sells for 1800yen. Very Expensive. It is a MODEL not a real gun. And the big disappointment is (Hai, we just "love" America, don't we?)The man who put it together says: It's not allowed to be sold in the US, I wonder why...

From PAC